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| Furnace Maintenance Service Fort Worth, TX

Your furnace is the thing that keeps you and your family safe from the elements during cold winter months. If it breaks down, you’re not only facing a long and frigid winter night; you’re also inadvertently risking the health and safety of your family. 

Just like you would schedule an appointment with your doctor every year to check up on your health, you should also have regularly scheduled appointments to check up on your furnace’s health! Catch small issues that grow into huge, expensive ones. 

By investing in preventative maintenance, you’re saving yourself from the discomfort, stress, and expense of equipment breakdown.

During our annual tuneups included in our competitive preventative maintenance agreements, we’ll identify any issues that may be preventing your furnace from functioning at its highest performance level and efficiency. Many of the issues we find during annual tuneups are often small repairs that can be performed same-day at little cost to you. Left unresolved, these issues can escalate over time into much more expensive repairs and part replacements. They can even lead to necessitating complete furnace replacement. 

Regardless of make or model, our certified and highly-skilled technicians are available to execute comprehensive maintenance on your home’s heating system to ensure that potentially-harmful or expensive repairs are caught before they become an issue.

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| Features of Smart Home Thermostats

We offer a variety of different smart home thermostat brands. Take a look at this article for recommendations on this year’s top rated smart home thermostat brands. Our technicians are happy to serve as your personal buyer’s guide for all things smart home thermostats.

| Update Your Thermostat to Save!

Upgrading your old thermostat to a smart home thermostat helps you to easily and effectively improve your home’s energy efficiency. Smart home thermostats are great for your wallet, and the environment. At JNJ Heat and Air, we prioritize green living and are happy to help you make the move towards a smart cooling and heating system! Give us a call or schedule an appointment online, today!